About the company

Established since 1973 and founded by Jim Certosini, Safari Paving specializes in asphalt paving as well as concrete work and installation and repair of drainage systems. The company provides its services mainly on the Island of Montreal, Laval, the North Shore and the South Shore of Montreal. Services are offered primarily to institutional, commercial, industrial and governmental sites.

Whether you are the president of the establishment, a project manager or the engineer, Safari Paving will shoulder you through your project to execute the work with our professional experience.

We are not always the company with the lowest price, but we are most definitely the company with the highest quality of workmanship for your investment.

Asphalt paving

  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • Asphalt repair and patching
  • Asphalt removal and replacement
  • Asphalt coating
  • Asphalt curb construction

Concrete works

  • Exterior concrete slab
  • Heated concrete slab (snow melt system)
  • Poured concrete sidewalk and curb
  • Concrete repair

Drainage system

  • Storm drains and sewers
  • Manholes
  • Storm pipes
  • Surface drainage

Pavement marking

  • Commercial and institutional parking lots
  • Schoolyards and walkways
  • Scarification to erase markings

Guardrail installation

  • Industrial fence
  • Crash barrier
  • Protective bollard

Asphalt crack sealing

Pavement cracks are inevitable, and without proper maintenance and repair will lead to accelerated cracking or potholes further impairing the life and serviceability of the pavement.

Water infiltration through cracks causes deterioration of the pavement and substructure.

Sealant used in parking and pedestrian areas face very different conditions than sealants used on highways. Power steering tears away at the sealant while hot tires and foot traffic stick to the sealant in these areas. For a high quality sealing project, you need to use a sealant that is designed to stand up to these challenges and the climatic conditions in your area. Our product complies and is approved by transport Quebec document 4401.

Study after study has proven that when cracks are sealed at the proper time, two to four years of added pavement life can be expected before other treatments are required.

With other treatments, costs are several times more per square yard, therefore "when budgets are tight the time to seal is right".

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